Chairs are made for my clothes

Did I hear the word ‘lazy’?

Na…Na… I’m not lazy. I only do things when I feel the time is perfect for a particular thing to be done. I have Asthma since birth, and being a sick child has its own advantages, especially when you have a caring and pampering mommy. She never allowed me to do any work at home. All she wanted me to do was pray, study, write poems, have fun. I did all of it until I got married.

Imagine the horror!

That’s right! Imagine the horror! My in-laws love organizing things, whereas I don’t. I continued being the unorganized cool girl who loves to throw her clothes on the chair and enjoy the ‘Himalaya’ (I could do it because I had my personal space). Nothing could change my ways. And then a virus turned the world upside down. Covid19 was declared a pandemic. People were asked to sit at home and maintain social distancing. Now imagine the real horror-the world in Lockdown!

Perfect time

A perfect time to read books, be a chef, and most of all, clean the mess. Here are a few things that I did to clean the mess without giving myself an asthma attack.


I don’t like to tire myself. I kept a schedule for praying, cooking, cleaning, and having fun. Since I am allergic to dust, every day, only 2 hours were fixed for cleaning.


Usually, in the videos, they ask you to empty your wardrobe and declutter. I refused to follow that. Emptying wardrobe and folding clothes will tire me more. I’m a delicate darling, so I preferred to clean it section-wise and keep aside things that are not required.


My clothes had to let go off the chairs

Mary Kondo videos helped to fold my clothes in an orderly manner. I know in the long run, I’m not going to follow her style of folding, but for the time being, it looks neat. I selected a section and decided to do only one section for the day.

Remember Rome was not built in a day.

Cleaning for me requires time and patience. This quarantine, I’m blessed with both. I am using this time to arrange all the important documents, clothes, shoes, and other required items. I started organizing things a week after the Lockdown was announced, and I’m still doing it. I’m gonna take my sweet time because Rome was not built in a day.


It doesn’t matter if people keep complaining of you not organizing things or piling clothes on the chair. In the end, you should be comfortable and happy in doing what you do.

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Abhijeet p
Abhijeet p
3 months ago

Nice use of lockdown time, however what about boredom in lockdown.

3 months ago

This is interesting, would like to see more of it.

3 months ago

That’s indeed a great way of utilizing the free time during the lockdown. While there is chaos outside u building orderliness inside. Cool👍

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