Deep Dark Hole

I fell in a deep dark hole,
As soon as I fell, the darkness swallowed me,
I was blinded to see nothing,
I cried out for help,
I jumped furiously to reach the top,
But I failed miserably,
I cried for days,
I mourned for myself.

Days went by as I tried to get myself together,
I didn’t realise when I  started to adapt to the darkness,
I slowly started to feel my surrounding,
I started to smile as I made progress,
I could laugh & cry at the same time,
In the deep dark hole, I found myself whom I had lost in the world of lights.

The darkness wasn’t dark anymore as the light within me illuminated,
A life beamed out of me in the form of happiness,
I overcame the darkness around me when I found the light within me,
The dark walls of the hole came crashing down when my happiness engulfed my surrounding.

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About the Author: Sharmila Mathew

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