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Random Thoughts!

Fearing she will control his life, he never let her in his life. Now, he has no control over his life. A burning desire to be something,A sweet wish to be somewhere,An insatiable want to be a known…

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Quotations, Writings and Thoughts – Vol. 2

Stand strong and be the game! If you don’t stand up for yourself, you’re your own enemy. Beautiful Journey! No matter how long the road is, it will be a beautiful journey if you’re by my side. Dealing…

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Hashtag the Important Days

World Sparrow Day – 20th March It’s better to wake up to the sound of a chirping Sparrow than the sound of an alarm clock or mobile phone. #WorldSparrowDay #SparrowDay International Day of Happiness – 20th March Happiness…

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Wishes for Occasions!

Teachers’ Day! Life is the best teacher, but teachers teach us lessons for life. Here’s wishing all the teachers a Happy Teachers’ Day! Everyone around us teaches us something. However, the best teachers are those who imparted on…

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How I wish to be a child again!

How I wish to be a child again: To go back to school, Where life was so cool. To follow simple rules in life, Without worrying about GST or wife. Exams were the only thing that made me tensed, Now nothing in life that I…

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Quotations, Writings and Thoughts – Vol. 1

Passion and Dedication! When you love to do something it’s not how much time you give, it’s how much dedication and passion you put into it. Loneliness! Being alone is not loneliness. Stopping oneself from living an inspiring…

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Perception O Perception

Perception O perception, you are not my reflection, You’re just some one else’s opinion about me, Which is not even close to being me. You pretend to know me, But you’re not even close to knowing me, You…

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Women’s Day Wishes!

Happy Women’s Day to all Women. To all the Women who have got a fight: Abuse, assault, rape and violence in different forms, Women have gone through all these in all ages, No matter what we go through,…

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Love Thoughts

Love Thought – 1 The most complex feeling of all the feelings is love, It is supposed to be easy but it’s complicated, It is supposed to make one happy, but it comes with heartache, It is trusting…

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A Fight!

There is a fight that we fight within ourselves, A fight to know ourselves, A fight to understand our emotions, A fight to achieve our dreams, A fight to learn our capabilities, A fight to fulfill our responsibilities,…

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