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Deep Dark Hole

I fell in a deep dark hole, As soon as I fell, the darkness swallowed me, I was blinded to see nothing, I cried out for help, I jumped furiously to reach the top, But I failed miserably, I cried for days, I mourned…

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All you need to know about Punctuation Marks

As a kid, my aunt made me read aloud for at least 20 minutes every day. She would correct my pronunciations, intonations and the pace at which I am reading. Also, she used to ensure that I understand…

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Importance of Reading a Book

Did you know September 6, is celebrated as ‘Read a Book’ day? The idea behind this celebration is to encourage youngsters to read books. One of my hobbies is to read. As a child, I read a lot…

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Words that made it to the Oxford!

Words that made it to the Oxford! Did you know ‘Yaar’ and ‘Badmash’ are words included in the dictionary? The Oxford adds and updates new words from time to time. If the Oxford Dictionary is updated regularly, shouldn’t…

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The Importance of Having an Extensive Vocabulary

Did you know ‘Lexicon’ is a synonym for vocabulary? Well, I didn’t know before my research. Vocabulary has few more synonyms: wordbook, dictionary, wordlist, glossary, concordance and thesaurus. Vocabulary is defined as the body of words in a…

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The Importance of Language and Grammar in Communication

La ma re… Did that make any sense? No, it’s not a new language I am trying to create. That’s how important it is to speak in a language that others understand. “Evening Paris”– Did it convey any…

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My Take on Social Networking Sites

In one of the daily subscriptions, I read how the internet has connected us to hundreds of friends through various social networking platforms and yet strangely, a study says this generation is the loneliest ever. We have few…

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