Hashtag the Important Days

World Sparrow Day – 20th March
It’s better to wake up to the sound of a chirping Sparrow than the sound of an alarm clock or mobile phone. #WorldSparrowDay #SparrowDay

International Day of Happiness – 20th March
Happiness is when you learn to laugh even when you’ve fallen apart. #InternationalDayofHappiness

Happiness is when you laugh till your stomach aches,
Happiness is when you laugh till you have tears rolling down your eyes,
Happiness is when you can’t stop laughing and you fall from the chair,
Happiness is everything that makes you laugh.

Happiness is the smile on your face when you receive a smile from a stranger,
Happiness is when you can’t stop smiling remembering that special someone,
Happiness is smiling without reason,
Happiness is anything that makes you smile.

World Poetry Day – 21st March
Emotions can be expressed in different ways but the best way I love is through words. #WorldPoetryDay

P – People with
O – Overwhelming
E – Emotions
Try – Try Poems

World Water Day – 22nd March
Very soon the only water you see will be your tears. Don’t wait for that day. Take action. #Savewater #Worldwaterday

International Yoga Day – 21st June

In this time of stress and depression, let’s find calmness and peace for ourselves.

Stay Healthy and Happy. Happy Yoga Day!

International Literacy Day – 8th September

Education enriches us with immense knowledge and opens a world of unlimited opportunities.

Educate one,
Educate all.

#Literacyday #educationday

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