Love Thoughts

Love Thought – 1

The most complex feeling of all the feelings is love,
It is supposed to be easy but it’s complicated,
It is supposed to make one happy, but it comes with heartache,
It is trusting someone but with so many doubts,
It’s a feeling with all the mixed feelings.

Love Thought – 2

Love can be so annoying.
It never comes when you search for it.
But it walks right into you when you’re least expecting it.

Love Thought – 3

Be in love with yourself,
Because no one will love the way you love yourself.

Love Thought – 4

Love is a feeling that sees beyond limitations, insecurities, race, religion, color, and looks.
It has the ability to drown you in pain and depression,
It also has the ability to fill you with happiness, success, and a complete life beyond imagination.

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