Quotations, Writings and Thoughts – Vol. 1

Passion and Dedication!

When you love to do something it’s not how much time you give, it’s how much dedication and passion you put into it.


Being alone is not loneliness. Stopping oneself from living an inspiring life is loneliness. Stay alive!

Learning from Mistakes!

Mistakes are learning opportunities as long as we learn, either from our own mistakes or from others.

Brightness in future!

Those who dwell in the darkness of the past may find it difficult to see the brightness in the future.

A Good Nights’ Sleep!

One of the most important things in life is a good nights’ sleep, don’t let anyone or anything deprive you from it.

Release yourself!

Let all the rage come out in the form of dance, painting, craft or any other art form. Do not store them to drown you into depression or stress.

The Upset World!

Even if the whole world is upset with you, it doesn’t matter as long as you are not upset with yourself.


Death has no age. It can descend whenever it has to. So why wait for the right time to live?

Imperfections and Success!

Everyone has imperfections, success is when you learn how to use them to the best of your abilities.

The Corporate Jungle!

The corporate jungle is full of foxes, waiting to deceive. But your focus is what will get you closer to your destinations.

Let’s Get Started!

You won’t reach anywhere, unless you start.

Monday Motivation!

Oh Monday! Let’s go once without motivation. 😛

Ocean Of Sorrow!

It’s an ocean of sorrow inside me,
Each time the waves of pain hit me, it reminds me of my loss,
These waves have given me lessons of life,
These sorrows doesn’t bound me in chains,
But it made me rise above all my failures and losses, it has set me free.

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