Quotations, Writings and Thoughts – Vol. 2

Stand strong and be the game!

If you don’t stand up for yourself, you’re your own enemy.

Beautiful Journey!

No matter how long the road is, it will be a beautiful journey if you’re by my side.

Dealing with problems!

A problem will remain a problem if you don’t attend to it. A problem should be attended and solved to be freed from a problem.

Judging others!

How can anyone judge someone else’s life? When they don’t even understand half the things happening in their own life.

Teachings from my Father!

Never cheat, steal or hurt anyone. If you do, you will never be able to look into the other person’s eye and talk.

Fight for the right reasons!

Hold tight,
There may be no light,
But let’s not leave this fight,
For we will never lose,
If we fight for reasons right,
And we hold on to each other tight.

Feel beautiful and think beautiful!

Your features alone cannot make you look beautiful,
Neither your scars can make you look ugly,
It’s your mind that should be beautiful,
And how you feel about yourself makes you beautiful and ugly.

Accept No’s and Yes’s

Accept No’s with grace and dignity,
And celebrate your Yes’s with all your heart.

Bitterness and Sweatness!

Never be bitter with anyone,
It will cause bitterness in another person,
Another person will cause bitterness in another,
And another to another.

Be sweet to everyone,
They will be sweet to another,
And another to another,
And the whole world will be sweet to one another.

It’s better to not be bitter and make the whole world bitter,
Be sweet and let the world be a better place.

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