Wishes for Occasions!

Teachers’ Day!

Life is the best teacher, but teachers teach us lessons for life. Here’s wishing all the teachers a Happy Teachers’ Day!

Everyone around us teaches us something.
However, the best teachers are those who imparted on us knowledge on various subjects, gave us lessons of life, and disciplined us when we didn’t even know what learning was. #Happyteachersday

International Girl Child Day!

Right to education,
Right to hygiene,
Right to nutritional food,
Right to choices,
Right to equality,
Right to an opinion,
Right to life.

These are not just my rights but what I deserve as a human being. Let’s not forget that a girl is as precious as a boy.

Diwali Wishes!

May there always be;
Brightness in our hearts,
Prosperity in our lives and
Happiness in our families

May our hearts ignite with goodness and well being for everyone around us.

Wishing all a very Happy Deepavali!

Mothers’ Day!

Face of an Angel,
Watching and protecting me,
Holding me in your arms,
You sacrificed everything for me,
Bestowing on me your unconditional love,
Loving me like no one else could ever love me like you do.

Wishing all Mothers out there a Happy Mothers’ Day!

Fathers’ Day!¬†

My fathers words are etched in my heart forever. He taught me:
Never cheat, steal or hurt anyone.
If you do, you will never be able to look into the person’s eye and talk.

Happy Fathers Day to all Dads!

Children’s Day!

Never stop learning,
Never stop growing, &
Never let the child within you ever die.

Happy Children’s Day!

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